Saturday, 27 March 2010

£1500. Check

So I finally have pretty much my whole Peru amount. Last night I had a virgin vie party thing. Went rather well, got about £190 so its all good. I, of course, had to embarrass myself by doing a spectacular fall. in front of everyone :| i was cringing for the rest of the night. So yeah, i don't have to do any more fundraisers. which is good. not that i did much to organise them anyway, that was mothers job. :)

Just getting started on my textiles work for the day then a nice boring essay about
Hitler. But off to the metro tomorrow so that should be nice. Ciao :)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What a shocker!

eesh found out some very good news today. :D shame i cant tell anyone tho. :( people will find out soon enough anyway. today was okay. lunch was pretty funny. the leg buckling incident hehe.
and godddd that advert is sooo annoying. you know, the one where there both in the shop singing alternate lines with the girl on the piano and the lad playing guitar. utter shite. makes me cringe every time. x