Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've done absolutely nothing to celebrate Halloween if I'm honest. There's haven't been any parties on to go to so I haven't had the chance to do the dressing up thing. Ah well.

Had a day off work today so we went to the Metro with the hope of getting a semi decent dress for a friend's 18th on friday. Ended up getting this which I had seen in Newcastle but not bothered trying on. It didn't look too good in the changing rooms with white pasty legs and no heels but I had faith and when I got home whacked some tights and heels on and it looks alright. So it's a keeper! (Ignore the typical cringey blogger pose, the hand just popped up and was the only decent photo I'd taken HA!) x

P.S I keep forgetting today is Sunday, it feels like a Saturday to me. So I've forgotten to do a Sunday Style Snoop. Apologies. Back next week though.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Outfit Post: Stripes and military

Here's what I wore when I had a look into Durham yesterday.

Military Jacket - Matalan, Stripy Jumper - Vintage, Leggings - H&M, Necklaces - Eclectic Eccentricity, Accessorize and Vintage

Been doing some work today, finally, mainly Textiles and Psychology. Bought KOL's new album Come Around Sundown t'other day and so far, its pretty good. There's a canny few good tracks and none like Sex On Fire, thank goodness. So that's now replaced Darwin Deez as my album on repeat.

TV wise, Pretty Little Liars is on later. It premiered on Viva last week and it was nothing like I expected and kinda weird but I love it. Also, have been seeing the Misfits trailer alot on E4. Absolutely loved the 1st series, mmm Nathan(Praise the lord he is immortal, don't think I could watch it without him!) and I'm so pleased it's finally coming back. x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lauren Conrad
Was wondering who to write my style snoop about this week for quite a while and whilst rifling through the usual Sunday supplement magazines I came across an interview with Lauren Conrad. I'd already thought about doing it on her because of the release of her new 'Style' book and thought why not as I genuinely do love her style.

Personally, I think her look really picked up in the last few seasons of the hills. I wasn't too keen on her LA girl look in the first few series' but she gradually turned into more or a vintage loving girl with a unique style that separated her from the rest of the cast. Throughout the years of watching The Hills (I am pretty obsessed), she has always been my favourite. She seems the most real, well, as real as a person can be whilst taking part in a scripted-fake-but-not-fake-at-the-same-time reality 'show'.

Her style is very casual and laid back. She tends to stick with her own variation on the classic jeans and t-shirt. I'm always envious of her handbags and she has THE best collection of Ray Bans with every colour and style imaginable. She sometimes likes to experiment with crazy prints which make her outfits unique. I also love her hair. She clearly must have her own hairstylist as she's always sporting a different style and it always looks effortlessly beautiful.

Here's the pictures for you to see for yourself. Many may despise even the idea of The Hills and probably think her style is manufactured. I on the other hand, love her! She comes across really well and I've never seen her in an outfit and thought 'Bleurgh', and that's good enough for me!x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The sky is green

I was planning on doing this post last night, but after what must have been an exhausting week at Sixth Form, I fell asleep at 10! And didn't wake up till 10 this morning. So after 12 hours sleep and a little shift at work I'm feeling pretty awake ready to blog.

Last night, Mam suggested a trip to Matalan and as I hadn't been in a while and, according to Kavita at I heart Vintage, they had a good jewellery sale on, I thought why not. I wasn't disappointed and found these adorable little rings.

Both the Gold Swan ring and the Floral Butterfly ring were on sale from £4 down to £1.20. Bargain or what! I love them both, they're so cute!

Also bought a knaki-ish military jacket. I'm still a bit unsure about it but apparently it looks nice on and for only £20 it was a good buy. I'll be showing you that in an outfit post soon as I think I'm wearing it tonight. I'm off to a little house party with the maties. It's going to be a good night I reckon. That's if we find the lad's house. Apparently, its in the middle of nowhere!

Unfortunately, I'll miss X Factor. Shame. My money's on Wagner for the win. Anyway off now to paint the nails. Ciaooooo x

Listening to: The Bomb Song - Darwin Deez

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A (very) lil' haul for y'all!

My recent shopping trip didn't produce that many goodies but I did grab a few nice things.

The Primark Jumper- Yes, lots of people have it, but I love it! In fact, it was through Lily at LLYMLRS that I caught the first glimpse of it. Then I kinda forgot about it until spotting it again on Hannah at J'aime les Fluers' blog which reignited my want for it. I was pretty surprised that it was still in stock, usually when something decent comes into Primark its out straight away. I really like it on, its so comfy AND best of all, looks like it's come straight from Topshop, not Primark.

Khaki sheer shirt - Been wanting one of these for quite a while and for just £7.99 I thought why not? Also comes in white, but as I wear white shirts for sixth form I didn't want any more.

Also got some Black Jeans. Yes, plain. And yes, boring, some might say. A necessity for me as I literally live in black jeans. Kinda sad and not very fashion forward but hey ho. I always end up wearing something slightly more jazzy and unusual on top anyway. So they make a nice base.

That's all for today. Off to watch Don't Tell The Bride (shite telly on a Tuesday) and make a start on this horrible horrible psychology essay which has to be finished by Thursday. Wish me luck! x

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Alexa Chung

Predictable you say. And I would agree except I've never really liked her. Her style has always been impeccable blah blah blah but I've always thought she was a bit up herself. That is, until I read this months ELLE in which she is the cover star. I have to admit that after reading her interview I'm converted. She came across much better than I thought she would and I'm actually warming to her. Anyway onto her clothes. She does, somehow, manage to pull off whichever look/trend she is wearing, dressed up or casual. Love the way she always looks like she's just thrown anything on, so effortlessly and how well that goes with her messy ombre hair. What do you think?

P.S Off to Newcastle tomorrow for a good shop, hopefully will have some nice things to show you. x

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Darwin Deez gig was last night. It was amazing. Best gig ever. It was the second time I'd seen him and he/they were even better. What made the night, despite their feel good songs was their dancing. Oh yes, dancing! Every song was followed by a very unique dance. Pretty funny, look it up on YouTube if you wanna see some. They found it pretty heard to understand us geordies chanting YOU WHAT YOU WHAT hence the title. But also declared their love for our wonderful Geordie region quite frequently. What can I say? We did produce Chezza Cole and Gazza. PAH! The venue was quite small so it was rather cramped but that's what makes the atmosphere better. Anyway if you ever get the chance to see them I'd definitely go for it. We only paid a tenner and it was completely worth it. Here's a photo of the gorgeous fittie! (that I nicked from a friend)x

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Chaos

Okay so as previously mentioned the weekend was quite tiring and busy. The parents were away, again, don't worry I'm not a neglected child, so I had to make my own way to work. Shock Horror! Luckily though, as I don't set hours and can literally walk in any time I want, I decided not to start till 12, meaning not having to get up too early to go for the bus. When I finished at 2, met Megan, who'd also just finished work, and went to Durham for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. Got there quite late on so it was pretty full of students, nothing against them, but if you know Durham you know what I'm talking about. I'm just a normal scruffy girl, with a slight Geordie accent after all. And what can I say, in a room full of 'Daddy, I want a pony' rahs , I can feel quite out of place. After a bit of a rummage whilst trying to block out their rabble, I purchased a camel cardigan (Yey! I finally got my camel fix for A/W) for only a fiver. Also got a stripey top which you'll be able to see in future posts.

Went to Nandos for the first time in quite a long time then went home to meet some friends who stayed for the night. Worked again on Sunday so ended up getting no college work done at all even though I have heaps to do. Here's what I wore on Saturday night. Just watching Whitechapel now, so pleased there's another series, and painting my nails into a zebra pattern hopefully. Update on that tomorrow. x

Camel Cardigan - Vintage, Patterned shirt - Vintage, Jeans - Topshop

Currently listening to: The Chaos - The Futureheads

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Excuses Excuses

I've just realised that I'm supposed to be doing a Sunday Style Snoop right now but after a rather busy weekend, (in which I have literally just sat down properly for the first time), I hadn't even had time to think about an ideal celebrity for this weeks feature. So I'm skipping a week. Back next week though, hopefully. Tomorrow, there'll be a decent-ish post about the weekends events including my purchases at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Out with the New, In with the Old

'Rents have gone away again for the weekend so I'm alone for a few days. Tomorrow I'm working 12-2 then I'm heading into Durham with Megan to The Affordable Vintage Fair . Looking forward to it, by the looks of the pictures on the blog it going to be a pretty good one. Let's hope I'll be bothered to have a good rummage. Then I think we're off for a cheeky Nandos before going back to mine for a little erm gathering with the bunch. HA. Then work again on Sunday. Should be good. And hopefully I'll get to fit in a Psychology essay, Textiles coursework and History work. Fat chance! x

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Like Magic

The other day, whilst browsing through the usual blogs, I came across a post on Sequin This based around this lovely product and I knew I had to have it. Barry M Instant Nail Effects is a black polish that creates a crazy cracked effect on your nails and leaves a unique pattern on each nail (every nails different!). I already love this as you can use it on its own over a base coat or on top of any colour of your choice. Also, it dries really fast which is a bonus and means you can do it like a minute before you have to leave the house.

I'd definitely recommend this product to friends and I've had loads of compliments, most along the lines of 'Woahhh! How did you do that?' It's only £3.95 and can be purchased from Superdrug. I reckon it'll be great on Halloween with green or some other weird colour under it and if you put a browny, camel type colour under it, it would make a great leopard print. x

Monday, 4 October 2010

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport!

Briefly mentioned the other day about going to a little vintage fair. Considering Durham has like one vintage shop, Ding Dong Vintage, it was a pretty good little fair.

I ended up buying two silk shirts, both with crazy patterns, as you can see. I know they're a bit out there (and kinda Rolf Harris, hence the title) but the green one will especially be perfect for autumn, and both will look great under my aviator jacket and with leggings or jeans. I got them both for £6! The greeny coloured one was a fiver and the other was in a £1 bargain bin. Get in there! Look out for some future outfit posts featuring these beauties as well as future trips to the fair as the woman said it would be on every month. More cheap finds. YEY! Here's my purchases. x

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Jameela Jamil
Reasonably new when it comes to fashion as she's only been on the 'circuit' for 1 or 2 years. The model and T4 presenter's style has been a favourite of mine since her first appearance due to her personality and quirky style on screen. I'd say her look is quite grungy and always looks effortless. I prefer her outfits when dressed down and casual rather than when at 'red carpet events' but I still think she looks great in both situations. Her style is unique and is finished off perfectly with her equally unique heavy, parted fringe and long black locks. Here's a few of my favourite looks of hers:

What do you reckon of Jameela's style?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bad day

"I hope that the last page of your 800 page novel is missing" Great song. Love the lyrics even if the tone is rather negative. Kinda fitting as today feels like a bit of a bad day, don't really know why but you know when your just in one of those 'meh' moods. On the other hand, I'm finally getting somewhere with my Textiles and actually voluntarily stayed at school in my afternoon frees to catch up. Oh yeah!

From the newly purchased album self titled 'Darwin Deez'. The video is just a YouTube made animation but I think its clever and funny so take a look.

P.S checking out a little vintage fair tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll have some nice purchases to show you. x