Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The October Issue

Got the latest ELLE delivered to my door today. Its the special 25th anniversary issue and its massive. Definately thicker than usual. AND it came with a style for less supplement magazine which I do love seen as though I can't afford practically anything that usually graces their glossy pages. Have only flicked through but it looks pretty damn good.

GUESS WHATTTTT? It's only bloody September tomorrow! Already. Summer has gone. Autumn is arriving. And as much as I hate to admit it, my A/W wardrobe is already planned. Im currently obsessed with silk blouses/shirts a la Chloe. Also, I'm lusting after an aviator jacket similar to those seen on the Burberry catwalk. Which A/W trends are you guys investing in? x

Photos from elleuk.com

Sunday, 29 August 2010


I'm not too happy right now. Firstly, about to start the last full week of the holidays and they flew over way too quick. Secondly, summer didn't even occur, clouds and rain did, but hardly any sun. I was hoping for a British tan but nooo. Thirdly, I have loads of work left to do because I left it all till last minute. Again. And Finally, I've just been told I have to go to church TWICE next weekend to do a talk in front of everyone about Peru!! I hate speaking in front of loads of people. Particularly when I don't even know any of them. Today hasn't particularly been a good day. But hey ho. On the good side though, I have two shopping trips planned for this week, it's a bank holiday weekend, AND G-ma just gave me a tenner which means I can probably afford to buy at least one thing at the Metro!

Speaking of Peru, I thought I'd share a few more photos as I put hardly any on here.

Note: Excuse the green t-shirts in these photos. We pretty much had to wear them every day so we could be spotted easily. Not very fashionable or flattering but I secretly grew to like them ha.

Photo 1: Working with the children. Although I hate my gormless smile in this photo, it shows how they kinda swarmed round us as we were probably the only pale english people they had ever seen. They were fascinated with us and the little presents we brought them.

Photo 2: Our little group that I hung around with in Peru. The trip meant I got friendlier with alot of people I wouldn't usually have mixed with in Sixth Form, which I'm pleased about.

Photo 3: On the first day at the school we pretty much signed anything they stuck in front of us. For some reason, they wanted our autographs. It was so weird!

Photo 4: Emily, Fran and Me after climbing to the top of the mountain. Oh and the mucky tops - we'd been carrying rocks around. x


Saturday night TV means dodgy pointless game shows, (101 ways to leave a game show - utter shite) reality TV and talent competitions. The only thing that usually tempts me is CSI and with possibly every episode already watched I resorted to and got bored by X factor. It was pretty crap last week and this week kinda followed suit. I usually watch it but this year its slightly boring me. So, as TV’s offerings weren’t exactly exciting me anyway, we took a trip to good old blockbuster last night (well Dad did). He brought back cemetery junction which was my request, Invictus, and Shutter Island. Have already watched 2 out of the 3 HA!

Cemetery Junction - Directed by Ricky Gervais and his lanky mate Stephen Merchant? I think. Its described as a coming of age film. Don't really know what that entails. But I enjoyed it, particularly because it is set in the 70's and the soundtrack is great, not at all because 2 of the 3 main characters are fittttt! It's basically, in a sentence, about 3 lads who grow up in a crappy town which people never get out of, but they want to travel and basically make something of their lives rather than work in factories like their fathers did. Their isn't really much of a plot until about 1 hour in but its one of those films where when youve finished watching it, it makes you feel all happy. Man I love those films. Oh and its pretty funny too! x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Nothing exciting really

This week has been very boring. Although I am pleased to say that ALL my friends are finally back in the country! YEYY! I hated it when they were away, such a snoozefest. Caught up with Megan the other day for a chat. You know same old, same old. Today I played tennis (yes really) with Sarah. We weren't actually too bad until a young group of boys decided they would stand and watch us and comment on our skills. "Man, there even better than us!" Then we started to fail miserably. So that is all. Boring post. :)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Outfit Post

Here's an outfit from a few days ago when I went to Durham.

Floral shirt - Topshop
Leggings - H&M
T shirt - H&M
Tan belt - Primark

Also, to the GCSE resulters. If you did well, amazinggg! Congrats! If you didn't, commiserations but tbh they don't mean absolutely anything. After doing my AS levels, (which btw are ten times harder), GCSE's aren't even mentioned any more.

Just watching the start of Ultimate BB and OMG! cannot believe they've put both Preston AND Chantelle! haha this should be funny.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Up In The Clouds

Castle Calling was... interesting. We got to Richmond at about 12 and went to get our wristbands. Bands didn't start for another hour but it was really hot so we just sat around for a bit. After about half an hour though, the 'heavens opened' and we pretty much spent the rest of the day either under umbrellas or taking refuge from the pouring rain in one of Richmond's many tea rooms. My favourites of the bands that we did catch were Only Animals from Richmond and Sound of Guns from Liverpool.

When 8.30 eventually came, (yes the day did slightly drag) and the rain had eventually ceased, Darwin Deez were amazing. Even though I only knew a few songs, their set was really good. They also do dances between every song which are hilarious. Think Beyonce in Single Ladies (they even did their own version of it) but with cooler tunes. I think there's a few vids on YouTube. I'd definitely recommend going to see them. Certainly made it more of a show, rather than just a regular 'gig'. Futureheads were also good. I've only recently bought their newest album but I pretty much like all the tracks, which is unusual for me. They played most new tracks as well as a few of the older favourites such as Beginning of the Twist, Skip to the End and the anthemic Hounds of Love.
Overall, it was a cute little festival. I liked how even when the headliners were on, the crowd was still small, making it feel quite intimate. Ended up only being a few rows from the stage as you can tell from the photo. x

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Got my results. Psychology - A, Textiles - B, Maths - D, Core - D, History - E. Im obviously happy with the first two. Core and Maths I don't care about; core because it doesn't matter or mean anything and Maths because I HATEEE it and will probably be dropping it now. History I'm disappointed about but I was kinda expecting it as the exam was awful. Worst exam I ever sat. Nearly walked out of it. But I'll resit History and hopefully get a B. Thats what I want. Tbh though, they're only AS levels so don't matter as much and to get onto the foundation diploma I wanna do I only need ONE A level and can use the foundation diploma to get into uni.

On a brighter note, Tomorrow I'm off to Castle Calling in Richmond. Hopefully it'll be nice-ish weather and they'll be some good unknown bands on. Darwin Deez and The Futureheads too! Should be fun. x

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Suddenly I See

Went on a spur of the moment trip to TK MAXX yesterday. I wasn't in the mood to rifle through the clothes in the hope of finding something I like in my size. That occasionally happens and when it does its brilliant! So, i ventured over the home section. They always seem to have cute one off pieces in there and again you can find some great things if you look properly. I've been looking for a jewellery box/storer ever since I saw one in the intro to The Devil Wears Prada, (a long time ago!)and could never find one. So when I saw this one with its really cute fabric covering, I knew I had to buy it. I've also been looking for a big box to put all my little bits and bobs from Peru in. And hey presto, I found a perfect sized one with matching fabric to the jewellery box thing. So I bought them both for only about £15 I think.

Oh yeah and results tomorrow. Oh oh. Im dreading it. x

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Yesterday and Sunday I spent alot of time in the garden. It was pretty warm and sunny, and I thought I might aswell attempt to get abit of tan on my arms. Took out some magazines and my mp3 (yes, I still don't own an ipod, but mines very cool with a flip out speaker and I love it!) and listened to the chart show for a couple of hours. Ringo the rabbit was madly running and thumping around me, crawling over me and trying to run in the house while my back was turned. Naughty little thing. I got some nice photos, the sun seemed to make my camera do great things, so I thought I could use one as a header. Edited it, then whacked it on here. I think its nice and summery even though summers nearly over. x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

"There's something in the water!!!"

Just saw the trailer for Piranha 3D for about the millionth time and I think it borders on hilarious/terrifying. Tbh though I doubt it would be that scary for me. I think horrors are more scary when you think it could actually happen. E.g, zombies - couldn't happen, whereas psycho murderer - could happen. And when you live in England I would probably never swim in the freezing open sea anyway. However, despite that I am rubbish with horror films and find anything scary so I would still probably be scared shitless. This trailer, I just watched on YouTube, is way scarier than the one that they put on TV. Oh oh...

On a lighter note, a film I really really want to see is Vampires suck. Its a spoof of The Twilight Saga films and even though I class myself as a bit of a Twihard, I also don't have any trouble in taking the piss out of the sometimes cringe worthy moments that occur quite frequently in the films. I reckon the trailer's funny. But then again, it could be one of those films where all the funniest bit are in the trailer and the film itself it actually pretty rubbish. Think I'm gunna go see it anyway just to be sure. Take a look at the trailer and see what you think. x

Friday, 13 August 2010

Clip Clop

Haven't really been up to much this week. Done a little bitta school work. Some history and some textiles. Ive also been preparing some presentation boards for my mam and dads work about my trip to Peru seen as though both companies gave me donations. One of the agreements was that I would do something when I got back. So I've just been sticking some of the photos that I got printed onto big sheets of card and writing little captions explaining what we did when we were there. So overall, not a very exciting week really.

Here's an outfit photo from earlier on in the week with some of my new purchases from newcastle at the weekend. Excuse the messy bedroom!

Top - H&M
Khaki bottoms - Primark
Khaki and leather bag - H&M
Clogs - Primark

Monday, 9 August 2010

Nailed it!

Today was pretty boring. Mam and Dad have had their holidays and they were back to work today so I was home alone with nothing to do and most of the friends holidaying in some exotic country. Bummer. Thought I would paint my nails which had a tiny amount of unpicked polish in the middle of them as they hadn't been done since Peru. Tried out a new polish I got a while back but never used. I used Chester Square by Nails Inc and the Albert Bridge topcoat by Nails Inc. I got the colour in a collection set but thought it looked too dark so never used it but when I did, it was lighter and brighter than I thought.

Maybe it would be better in autumn/winter as it is slightly too dark for summer. To be honest though, it doesnt feel much like summer in the North East anyway, its so bloody cold! Overall, quite like the colour. I've always liked Nails Inc polishes; I reckon they go on really well and most of the time only one coat is necessary which is a great when short in time.

Spent the rest of the day watching various daytime TV from Project Runway to Football Icon 2 (yes, I actually love this programme) to the good old Come Dine With Me omnibus. Get in there! Now off to watch Big Brother. Wow, isn't my life exciting! x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Took a trip into Geordieland yesterday with mam. There were loads of sales on which confused me because I'm pretty sure they were on not so long ago. Not complaining like. Anyway got some nice cheap things. Bought two pairs of shoes, some black brogues from Topshop for £7 down from £32. Already have some brown ones but I thought for £7 why not? They'll be good for when it gets nippy and maybe for school. Also got some tan wooden clogs from Primark. They do look cheaper than other version, obviously that the problem with Primark stuff, but thats only on close inspection and again, for a tenner why not? Got a brownish/creamish cable knit and some skinny belts from Primark too. Also got a really cute bag from H&M. Will post some pictures soon. Off to watch some Sherlock now. Shame it's only on 3 weeks. Oh, and the guy who plays Mr Holmes is called Benedict Cumberbatch. Couldnt invent a cooler sounding name if I tried.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Runway Edit

So, received my copy of Elle in the post the other day. And with it, my favouritest? supplement; the catwalk magazine. I love looking through all of the top designers collections at fashion week and noseying at all the little things from the invites to their shows right through to the music the models strut (or hobble) down the runway. I always seem to favour the more simple collections and after a quick glance many of the collections this season are just that.

I also bought ELLE collections magazine for the first time. I've always wanted to buy it but when it came to the £6 price tag I had to question whether it was really worth it for 'just another magazine'. However, I'm a total convert to it. Love the arty way they present everything, also like the mix of pages full of photography with the interesting articles and interviews. I think it may even help me creatively with my textiles coursework, well fingers crossed. Which would make it well worth the £6 per season price tag I reckon.

Through looking at the magazines and the LFW website, personally, the collections I love are Sass & Bide, Erdem, Richard Nicoll and Christopher Kane at LFW, but I also liked the simplicity of Celine, Stella McCartney and Chloe at Paris.

Going to Castle Calling festival in a few weeks, so I've been madly listening to the bands that will be there especially Darwin Deez. Ahh, his music is so summery, can't wait to see him. Reckon it'll be pretty good, here's hoping it'll be nice weather!

Sunday, 1 August 2010


August has arrived. Heatwave here we come, hopefully. Okay, so I haven't blogged for a while. The parents went away for a week to Cornwall (I could have gone but thought I'd get slightly bored) so I had a free house again but this time for a WHOLE WEEK! They left on Friday night, didnt really do much the first two days. On Sunday night, my brothers band, Eagulls, had a gig in Durham so me and Fran went to see it. They were soo good, bit heavier than I usually listen to but I really enjoyed it. Check them out here www.myspace.com/eagulls. Wore my new denim shirt/dress thing from Urban Outfitters, turned it up and wore with black jeans and my brown brogues.
Had a great night overall, the other bands were pretty good too. Monday we had our first Tennis session of the year haha. We tend to play every summer so we started again. We're not bad but its just something to do for a very little amount of money, like 50p. Still hadn't seen the new Twilight film, was in Peru when it came out so me, Sarah and Emily decided to go see it, Orange Wednesdays and that. Friggen cinema had a powercut though! Took a detour to Nando's though and had a nice tea. Thursday, had a BBQ round my house. Was another good night, I was pretty good on the grill i must say. Food was eventually possible to eat after about 1 hour cooking. Some of em stopped over and spent pretty much the whole of Friday tidying up before the 'rents came home. Here's some pics of the night.