Thursday, 30 September 2010

Forever 17

Haven't really got much to say this week hence the slight shortage of posts. Tuesday and Wednesday did some more filming for Lois' horror media trailer thing. AND I'm actually now motivated to do textiles so have been getting a bit of that done each night. But other than that, I have nothing interesting to talk about.

I was browsing through today when I saw that the US chain Forever 21 is coming to the UK. I've heard quite alot of US bloggers talking about the shop and always wondered what it was. ELLE described it as a mix between H&M, Urban Outfitters and New Look. Sounds like a pretty strange but good combo to me. The down side is they're only opening two stores to start with; one in Birmingham and one in Dublin, neither of which are within my shopping radius so I'll be resorting to browsing via their new UK website which will be launching soon. For the time being, I'll just have to make do with their US website that I've been having a peek at. Here's some of my favourites so far.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Ringing rave and Outfit post - Fair Isle

Here's what I wore yesterday to lounge about the house in after work. The jumper is from Primark and as its pretty baggy, its soo snuggly and warm. The T shirt is from H&M and the leggings are H&M too.

Only had 2 lessons again today so sixth form went over pretty quick. Not quick enough though. We had a talk on writing personal statements which involved the whole year cramming into the lecture theatre to listen to some annoying idiot of a woman ramble on for an hour. Stupid me, of course, had set a reminder on my phone to remember to take home some work that had to be done and accidentally didn't knock it onto silent. So, what did it do, rang and rang over and over during the talk. Which ringtone you may ask? Was it my usual of Jamie T, no, was it either the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Julian Casablancas like it could have been, no. It was one of those default ringtones. Not a ringing, but a rave style ringtone which I fricking despise. Just switch it off, I hear you say. I would have, had I known it was my phone. I, like the rest of the year, was looking around for minutes trying to see which loser had rave on their phone. That loser was me. I was mortified. I actually said "Is that coming from my bag?" And fumbled around for ages trying to switch off the stupid noise. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My friends of course, charming as they are, were pissing themselves. Tbh, I would have been too if it wasn't me. And I have to say, now I am out of sixth form, I'm finding it increasingly hard to not laugh whenever I get flashbacks of the cringe worthy situation. Worst thing was, even the used-to-be-chavs-now-think-they're-indie-cool kids were looking at me with pity.

So, that was my long story for the day. If your still reading, congrats. Okay that's all for today. I'm off to bury my head in shame somewhere for a few weeks. x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Feature

Okay so this is the introduction of a new feature I'm starting which will hopefully be up every Sunday. As you have probably already noticed its called the Sunday Style Snoop and each week will feature one celebrity style icon whose looks have stood out for me recently. I know, not particularly up there on the innovation front but it's something new for me so fingers crossed I'll stick to it.
Anyway, as I have just decided on this feature and have had lots of textiles to catch up on, I haven't actually prepared a style icon for today. Also, my mind has gone blank and I cannot think of anyone who I have been finding 'an inspiration' style wise nor find the appropriate images to match. Therefore, this feature will officially commence next Sunday. I better get my thinking cap on! x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Outfit Post - Leather and denim

Last night was Interesting. Eventful. Strange. Crazy. But Wonderful! Sadly, slightly too short for me as I had to go home early for work. :( Here's what I wore (slightly blurry)

Fleece collared biker jacket - Topshop, Denim shirt - Urban Outfitters, Black Jeans - H&M. Pretty basic outfit. Just had to show off my jacket though.

First shift at work today and it went fine. I only have to do two hours a day on Saturday and Sunday and can choose to do them whenever so I can still have days out on weekends and go out on Friday and Saturday nights. Yeyyy! I will still have a social life! x

Friday, 24 September 2010


Just a short post today. Off out tonight to a friend's house for her brothers 19th party. It'll be nice to have a few drinks and catch up even if I am at work at 9 in the morning. YES, you heard correctly, I finally got a job. So it's my first day tomorrow and don't wanna make a bad impression turning up half dead/hungover. Quite a few of us are at work in the morning though so I'll not be the only one taking it slow thank goodness. Just watched the new trailer for Harry Potter, (I'm a Harry Potter botter!) and it looks amazing! Take a look if you, like me, like a bitta Potter. x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Express Delivery

So, yesterday after sixth form me and Alex went over to Lois' house. Ended up nattering away to each other and catching up on recent events for about an hour before we realised the time and thought we better get cracking. Walked down into the woods and started filming our little snippets for the trailer. My part involved me walking down a rather slippy muddy path whilst trying not to look at the floor (bad idea), as well as picking up a threatening note, staring confusingly at said note, and finally, my favourite, screaming at the sight of a monster, imaginary of course. Had a really good laugh and even though the end product might end up looking more like a spoof than a real horror, it'll certainly be a cringey watch! Can't wait. And....

To top the night off, when I returned to my humble abode, this beauty was waiting for me. Ideally, I would take it back for the bigger size as the sleeves are slightly too tight. BUT, just checked on the website and they're out of stock. So, I'm keeping this one because I love it too much to give it up. Edited the image on Also, the 'rents have just returned from their brief break in the lake district. No more free house. Shame. x

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Classroom Boredom

Sitting in sixth form at the moment absolutely bored shitless and thought I might as well do a post seen as though school haven't blocked blogger. Silly things! Been browsing through all the Spring/Summer 2011 collections for some textiles research and one that's stood out for me has to be Erdem. I've liked his past few collection bus this one is definitely my fave. Everything on there is my kinda thing. Love the floaty dresses and sheer fabrics used and the prints are so cute and summery.

Tonight I'm off round a friends to act in a horror movie trailer for her media work. It's about three girls camping in the woods and get killed by some monster of some sort. I die first. Shame. Luckily, not in the trailer, so no embarrassing dying faces to pull.

Currently listening to: Cee Lo Green - Forget You
(otherwise known as Fuck You to all those hardcore people out there.)
I love this song! It puts me in such a happy mood even when I feel like complete shit. Moyles had it on this morning and its been ringing round my head since. You'll most likely have heard it but incase you haven't give it a listen. x

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Come Around Sundown

Finally ordered the jacket I've been lusting after for a while and may have mentioned just a few times on here. It's only available on the website so after lots of consistent moaning gentle persuasion, mam finally caved. YEY! I am the one forking out the money for it anyway, well most of it. Hehe. Can't wait until it arrives. Lets hope its the right size, otherwise that would be a bummer.

Watched Sherlock Holmes this morning and I really liked it. And phwoarrrr, Jude Law is hot. But I kinda expected that. I did not however expect to have a slightly strange crush on the slightly strange Robert Downey Jr. Anywayyy, moving on...

Kings of Leon are back! Yeah mannnnnnnnn. I pretty much hated the last album and how all the half wannabe indie/half chav jumped on the KOL bandwagon thanks to three words. Sex. On. Fire. So I'd kinda cast them off. Butttt, by the sounds of their new single Radioactive, they're back to their best sounding much more like their earlier albums rather than that tosh that filled up the last one. Well thats in my opinion anyway.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ready for take off

This will be my second giveaway related post this week. This one, however, I've already won! YEY! I never tend to be very lucky so I was amazed to realise that I'd even won one at all, never mind win one held by the legendary blogger that is The Clothes Horse! The prize was some sunglasses from the Nueu range at Sunglasses shop. I picked these lovely mirrored aviators. I've been wanting aviators for ages since I lost my old ones and now I have the perfect pair. I can't stop putting them on regardless of the fact that I'm indoors! I love how they look and they fit so well. Im a very happy blogger. So thanks to Rebecca from The Clothes Horse for hosting her great giveaway. Now I'm off to pray for sunshine so I can actually try them out!

Starring Indie GIveaway

Don't have too much to stay today. Sixth Form is stressing me out already. BUT... I do want to tell you that you MUST MUST MUST check out this giveaway by Starring Indie. There are going to be 8 items in total in the final prize. Yes, I said EIGHT !. Particularly love these leggings. Very snazzy and individual. So far, the giveaaway also contains Barry M eyeshadows, a lovely silk scarf, and a gorgeous ring amongst other things. Im certainly entering. Why don't you? x

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Haven't posted for a few days. Sixth form has already took over. I have lots of work already, mainly textiles, so haven't really done much this week, hence the last of posts. However, I did nab this lovely overnight tapestry bag from my grandma. I've wanted one for quite a while and even though its too big to use as a handbag during the day, its perfect for 'sleepovers' (I hate calling them that).

Only had two lessons today. Finished at 11. Got home at 12. YES! On the way home called into Topshop to try and order that jacket I keep talking over and over about. My size is out. Again. So I'm currently drowning my sorrows, watching 500 days of Summer, enjoying the great soundtrack whilst trying to get some work done.

Love this part of the film. Great song. x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Back to life. Back to reality.

Oh Oh. Sixth Form tomorrow. I feel like there's always this pressure to look great on the first day back. But to be honest I just can't be bothered. Ive done the nails. But that is all. Hair will be left to dry naturally and either a messy bun or down and wavy. I've kind of been on a hairdryer and straightener detox in the holidays so I might as well carry it on. The outfit won't be very exciting either compared to all the newbies of sixth form who will be trying way too hard to look 'fashionable'. Still, it'll be nice to see everyone again.

Found this image on and thought it was quite relevant considering I am dropping Maths tomorrow and I really do think it 'sucks'. Anyway, I'm off to pack my new pencil case with the whole contents of W H Smiths. NOT! Ha, remember those days? I jokes, I'm really off to rummage through the drawers and down the back of the couch trying to scramble together at least one working pen and a pencil. x


Don't really have much to say apart from Sixth Form has been okay. My timetable is bloody great! I have Friday and Monday afternoons off. YEY! The two worst days of the week and I only have half of them. Sixth Form is packed at the minute. Theres SOOO many lower sixths its unbelievable. No doubt some of the lazy ones with get fed up and drop out like they usually do. I'm also totally knackered now after only two days back. I think an early night is in order.

Made this polyvore thing the other day. Im still getting used to it mind. Not that its too hard, it just takes me FOREVER. Its my Autumn/Winter Wishlist. Hopefully the fur collared jacket will be mine within a few weeks as I'm going to order one on Monday. Also note my obsession with chunky wooly jumpers, floaty dresses and baggy silk shirts. x

Monday, 6 September 2010

Bit of a rummage

So last night, due to boredom, I decided to ransack through some drawers full of old stuff to see if I could find anything of interest. ANDDD...

Aren't they great!! I love how old and past it they look. So I'm gunna buy some film for both. I've always liked polaroids, I think they look really cool compared to regular boring photos and I've been wondering for a while whether my brother had got rid of his or whether it was still hiding in the house somewhere. So when I found it I was chuffed. Apparently though, because polaroids are getting popular again the film cost loads so we'll see. The other ones, yes there are two of the same camera, are my mams from yesteryear. So I claimed them too and can't wait to see how the pictures turn out once I find the right film which could take a while. That's all. x

Sixth Form Uniform

Most schools went back today. Lucky for me, I have two more days of freedom before I have to return. Went to the metro at the weekend. Didn't get much except from this jumper for school. It's not very exciting but tbh school uniform never is because they're so bloody strict. With my jumper, I'll be wearing this lovely white shirt, black jeans and brogues.

Also bought the top above. I liked the colour; Kinda pinky purpley. Anyway I wore it yesterday to do my stupid talk in front of everyone at church. You know, to thank them for helping me raise my money. It was AWFUL. I stood there, shaking hands, shaky voice, and, weirdly, sweating in the freezing cold church. Take it public speaking isn't for me. But hey ho, it's done now. Thank God. HA, excuse the pun. x

Friday, 3 September 2010

Went to Newcastle (again) the other day. Brought home quite a haul I must say. And even though my main aim was stuff for sixth form, hardly anything I got was. What can I say, I got sidetracked. I did however, get another white shirt and some more black jeans (H&M, £10!) for school. Our uniform has to be black and white. (Yes, really, sixth form has to wear a uniform) Other than that got a fair isle black and white jumper from Primark and two unusual shirts from Best Vintage. I'll put some photos up soon. Also bought Kele's 'The Boxer' and Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs', only £15 (£14.98) for both. Kele's is pretty good so far but haven't listened to Arcade Fire's yet. They looked amazing at Leeds, personally, for me, I'd have chosen them over Pendulum every time. But that's me.

One thing I didn't manage to get was that gorgeous jacket from Topshop. Sold out. In Newcastle and Durham. Gutted. So I'm looking for an alternative. A fairly cheap alternative. Any ideas?

Listening to - Kele, Everything You Wanted