Monday, 12 April 2010


Have been so stressed out with textiles coursework that I haven't posted for quite a long time. So lots has happened since my last post.

+ My birthday was a few weeks ago, parents were away so free house. had a good night. Got lots of nice presents of everyone. Nice Weather. Overall a pretty good birthday.
+ Finally got to see 'Remember Me'- absolutely loved it although it was probably one of the most depressing films I've seen in ages.
+ Bought lots of nice things on various shopping trips, most of which was for my trip to Peru. So, jogging bottoms, baggy tops, that kinda thing. Also got a pretty knitted jumper from topshop.
+ Got stabbed with five different injections for Peru - 3 for hep a/b, 1 for typhoid and 1 for yellow fever. Had a little celebration inside when they were done, only to find we had to get a swine flu one. So still have that one to get.
+ Finished my skirt for textiles, was quite pleased with the final piece although it wasn't how I'd imagined it.
+ Had 2 weeks holiday for Easter, they were good, spent most of it doing textiles but had a few nice days out.
+ SUNNNNNN!!! - Summer has officially arrived. I actually got to wear strappy tops a few times in Easter. And have also gone shopping in Newcastle without wearing a coat!!
+ We got the final itinerary for Peru and that has got me very excited. Found out we get a whole day shopping! Okay, its no metro centre, BUT, its at a very cool traditional market, where, word on the the street, sell loadsa cool little bracelets and 'souvenirs'. On the bad side, we have to do a talent show one night for a few Peruvians, so will have to start thinking about how to do that with the least embarrassment involved.
+ Also check this website out saw them at clothes show in December and they have some really cute stuff.

I still have a weekend full of textiles and revision to do so I'm going to get started on that. Ciao. xxx