Monday, 24 September 2012


Okay so I've decided to return to blogging after a brief lengthy hiatus. Mainly because now I'm at uni, I have found myself with alot more time on my hands than normal and all the stressful stuff that stopped me blogging before e.g A levels a and foundation are now done. Also, with me starting a BA hons in Fashion Design I reckon a blog's gunna come in handy at some point and will be beneficial to my studies.
You'll have to bear with me cos blogger has changed quiteee alot since I disappeared so I'm kinda starting from scratch. I'm planning on totally changing the appearance of the blog, its veryyy dated now but that's gunna take time too. Also, I've stupidly left my camera lead at home so it'll be phone photos for a little while.
So yeah, basically just giving those few readers I have a heads up that I'm back, hopefully for good. x

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