Sunday, 30 May 2010

Mannn I haven't done one of these for a while. Ah well i have plenty of excuses, mainly because textiles coursework and exam revision has taken over my life! Had 3 exams this week. ALL of them were awful. Reckon I've scraped a pass on them at the most. No way I have my target B's though. History was a complete fail. Two questions came up that never came up before. And considering there were the only 3 questions and we had to answer two I almost walked out of the exam as I hadn't revised half of the stuff i needed too. Luckily everyone was the same and everyone reckons they've failed so its not so bad. The other two were Maths and Textiles and both were pretty bad too. So that's 3 down only 5 more to go!

Went to the Metro after the History exam. Nothing a bitta retail therapy can't fix. For some reason ended up getting like 7 tops. Slightly excessive, but most of them were cheapies for Peru anyway. Got a nice knitted jumper thing from Primark which I just found a whole in. I'll have to do a bit of DIY stitching. Also got a strappy denim top which is sooo cute from H&M. Found some bargain ray ban style sunnies with a cute flower pattern from New Look too.

Most of my friends are at Evolution today. Didn't really fancy it myself. Went last year and loved it. Maccabees, White Lies, Dizzee Rascal, Friendly Fires, VV Brown etc, line up was pretty good for £15. Wasn't impressed with this years tho, only really like the Futureheads and I'm already off to see them at Castle Calling in August.

H&M £9.99

Primark £9.00

New Look £5

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