Monday, 14 June 2010

Back to sixth form today after 3 weeks study leave. Had the impression that we'd be just pissing about when we got back but no. I have work to do from each lesson I had. As well as all this new work I have to revise for my decision maths exam. Which im gunna fail anyway so there really is no point in trying, and I'll probably drop it next year seen as I hateee it.

In textiles, we've started next years coursework. Its pretty cool this time cos we get to do pretty much what we want not just a shitty skirt. Think I'm gunna do a dress, then I can be all creative and shizz and do anything really.

God, Gaga's video for Alejandro is so strange. I kinda like it but hate it at the same time. She looks awful for most of it especially with that dodgy bob haircut. It makes her looks rather masculine. But its pretty amazing at the same time and if I understood whatever the hell story she was trying to tell, I'd love it.

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