Saturday, 12 February 2011

I won't just be a puppet on a string

Khaki sheer shirt - H&M
Cable knit cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Camel Chinos - Topshop
Brown brogues - New Look

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. This photo was taken weeks ago when I was kinda on a blogging break so it didn't get posted. Textiles coursework seems to be taking over my life. We're making the toile now so should be starting to make the final product in a few weeks. Went shopping for my fabrics today and I'm pretty pleased. My dress is chiffon with a more structured top and a floaty skirt. I'll also make a belt to cinch in the waist and I've found the perfect fabric for that which also represents my theme. I like my design, I just hope I'll be able to do it justice when I start making it.

Anyway hopefully blogging will be back to normal once my foundation course interview on Wednesday is done. I'm mainly just making sure everything I've done so far is to a good enough standard. Man, I hope I get in. Fingers crossed anyway.

Hope all you Strokes fans took advantage of the free download they put on their website of their new single 'Under cover of darkness'. If you didn't, too late, sadly the offer's over now but here it is if you haven't heard it yet. Thank god they've returned!


  1. Really cute outfit, love your cardigan. I hadn't heard The Strokes new song, thanks for sharing x

  2. Hey doll, thanks for the comment on my blog, love the cardigan and the trousers in this outfit :)

    Good luck with your interview, fingers crossed that you get


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