Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Catch up

Haven't posted in a while, so a quick catch up is on order, not that anything particularly exciting has happened. I did, thankfully, get onto my foundation course which I'm very pleased and relieved about. Albeit by the skin of my teeth but hey ho. They told me I need to work on my drawing skills. Thing is I can't really draw. Never-the-less, I have been trying, some of my attempts do actually resemble their subjects and I have found myself enjoying it so all is good.

It's half term now so I've been lazing about the house trying (and failing) to complete two history essays, endless textiles coursework and various 'homework' tasks. Have finally managed to sort out my wardrobe which was hideously cluttered and full of crappy old clothes that I never wear. Took me two days but it's done and is looking much better. Forgot to take a before picture but here's what it's looking like now. It's still quite full but compared to before, its a hell of a difference.

Today, I finally, two years overdue, got my eye tested. I already wear glasses but only for watching TV and sometimes (very rarely) at sixth form if I need to see the board and I did start to hate them about two weeks after I chose them. This time round I picked some lovely tortoiseshell patterned specs. Let's see how long it takes for me to go off these.

Okay, there pretty boring but they'll do. Thats if they're even the right ones... I'm not sure? We also booked our girls holiday for the summer. Have I said that before? Well anyway yeah, we're going to Rhodes so party on. Already planning my shopping lists, and with the pictures that have been surfacing from the LOOK show; spring/summer on the high street is looking pretty good.

Apologies for the long post, didn't know I had so much to say. Hopefully there'll be an outfit post up this week and a style snoop on sunday. xxx

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