Friday, 12 October 2012


One of the first tasks we were given for our course was a live brief from a company called Hebe media. They are a Leeds based creative consultancy who are organising Leeds' first ever digital fashion week. We were asked to go out and take street style photos that represented Leeds style.

I thought it was pretty hard at first, I'm quite shy so going up to people was the main challenge, luckily there were lots of 'fashionable' people milling about so I eventually got the task done after my initial wimping out.

 I loved this look, it was so well put together; very classic and minimal. 

 The above look is the one I chose to send to the company, as we could only choose one. Her outfit was a really good mix of shops, with some of the items being vintage, some from boutiques or market stalls with a few high street things thrown in. The look is quirky and effortless and well accessorised. 

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