Sunday, 7 October 2012


This week has been insanely busy, I've barely had chance to sit down never mind blog so after finally getting sorted with uni work and the like I'm sitting down to blog.

On Monday we were given our first brief and then two more as the week went on so work is already starting to mount up, hopefully I'll keep on top of it. One of them involved taking street style photos around Leeds to possibly be posted on a Leeds based communication website. We have to have ten by Wednesday which isn't hard in Leeds, I'm in love with the style of most people here! It's just hard plucking up the courage to ask strangers for their photo, you can tell their thinking 'weirdooooooo'.

The rest of the week consisted of netball training, in which I found out I made the squad after trials, yeyyyy! Then lotsss of student shopping events and therefore overspending...whoops, a few drinks mini session at Mojo, the besttttt cocktail bar ever! and a night out at chavvy favourite Oceana, which was pretty insane. So yes, a pretty busy week.

This is what I wore for our night out in town. I looked pretty under-dressed in my boots and skirt combo compared to the rest of the room but never mind, I hate wearing heels these days. Sorry about the blurriness of this photo, I have no idea why it is but this was actually the least blurry!

Top - Blue Rinse Vintage
Skirt - Topshop 
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Primark
Bag - Mam's from yesteryear

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