Saturday, 27 February 2010

Cos I always stay too long

So, nothing much happened this week. Went to an 18th party last night. Twas a good laugh and its always nice to catch up with Lois seen as though we never see her these days.!:)

A group of us where judges for our school's x factor style thing. That was ermmm ... interesting. Some acts were better than others and on one or two occasions I couldn't hold in the laughter. Felt really guilty after but if they can't sing why the frig did they audition?!

We also had another Peru meeting. Found out that we have to make our own way to the airport for 3.30am. Not good. Other than that, i'd heard it before. Just rabid dogs, dodgy food, and an endless list of injections. Still though, all bad things aside I cannot wait to go. Think it will be an amazing two weeks tbh. x

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