Sunday, 14 February 2010


In July I'm off to Peru with sixth form. A big group of us are going to be building a food kitchen there in one of the shanty towns. We each have to raise £1500 and then another £20,000 between the whole group so I've been having a few fundraisers every now and then.

Anyway, last night I had another one. Me, Megan and Alex were on the door ha ha and selling raffle tickets. I think we were pretty good at selling them, especially to the men downstairs. One of which, when asked which colour ticket he wanted, replied "What colour are your eyes?" Awkward moment. He then choose the blue. My eyes are green. Clearly colour blind.

Overall it was rather funny. Spent the rest of the night listening to folk music. Not usually my kinda thing but everyone enjoyed it. The star of the night for me was Mr Spoons, sorry i don't know his real name. But no joke, we were impressed with his talent. Ended up raising £465, so it was well worth it.

I reckon I now have about £1000 towards my Peru fund. 2/3 of the way there! There'll probably be a few more fundraisers to come which I'll be most likely writing about on here.

Peru, here I come!!!

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