Monday, 22 February 2010

So lonely was the ballad

So, back to 6th form today after half term. Twas okay, pretty good actually. Went really quick seen as though I was 40 minutes late thanks to friggen Arriva. Why is it always late when its freezing?!

Anyway, the week off was okay. Spent most of my days trying to do textiles coursework. Not fun! But also had a few shopping trips, one to the metro and one to Newcastle. Got some nice stuff, a few tops, nice wooly cardigan, a leather satchel and some old albums. Checked out the new Eldon Square bit in Newcastle. All bright and shiny. The Topshop's good but I'd heard it was gunna be huge and was a bit underwhelmed. Still, we got there early so all the shops were pretty dead which was better. Also went to a few vintage shops. Got this stripy scarf that makes me look like a footy fan but hey ho, I like it.

Also, thought I'd mention how great Robert Pattinson's new film 'Remember Me' looks. Or just how nice he looks in said film. I must say, I never really liked him in Twilight but he looks pretty good in this. Take a look. x

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