Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pack Up

When I'm in Peru the mother is redecorating my room. YEY! So went to good old B&Q tonight for some wallpaper shopping. Found a retro-ish one with a green print slightly like the ones you see on really old china, anyway that ones in the lead so far. Also popped into Currys and the like to look for a digital camera. WHY do people in those shops run over to you and ask if you need a hand before you've even made it through the door.?! My answer is always "No thanks." Didn't find any decent ones, most of them were out of battery so I couldn't even try them out. Ah well I have two weeks to find one before Peru. Eurgh, watching BB at the minute, that Rachel doesn't half annoy me. Hope she goes. Whatta bitch. She's even worse than Sunshine!

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