Saturday, 25 June 2011

Back, again!

Apologies for the very long break in blogging. Due to a number of reasons, mainly textiles coursework and exams, which are now thankfully both done with, I've kinda pushed blogging to the back of my mind. I've still been reading my fave blogs regularly though and now, seen as the boring stuff is done and I have a summer of nothingness, hopefully I'll be a more consistent blogger.

My exams went okay, textiles was pretty hard thanks to the teachers actually not teaching us any theory this year and the rest weren't too bad. I've already totally forgotten about them and spending my time getting prepared and ridiculously excited for our girls holiday which is less than two weeks away. I'm off shopping in Newcastle on Monday to buy last minute things for said holiday, and then meeting up with everyone on Thursday for a few end of exam drinks at a friends house.

Here's what I wore today to work. Just a basic outfit really but I thought one was necessary considering the absence.

Top:Topshop Trousers:New Look Chain:Primark Belt:New Look Shoes:River Island

Rings: Asda of course! Nails: Barry M in 'Mint Green' and Models Own Nail art pen

Favourite song at the moment - Calvin Harris ft Kelis - Bounce. Great summer song and the guy on the video's pretty fit, not calvin harris, t'other one. Hope everyone's exams have gone well! There all finished now arent they? Anyway, even if they haven't all gone to plan(like mine) who cares, just enjoy the summer! x

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