Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. It's a bummer it's over, but hey, New Years Eve's tomorrow!

I did have loads of posts planned and written, Christmas posts, the lovely presents I received, outfit posts etc etc. But... I seem to have erm misplaced my camera lead and I don't really wanna have loads of posts without photos on. So, bare with me, I WILL find the lead, even though I have been looking since Christmas Day, and normal blogging will resume as soon as possible. :)

Still haven't managed to go sale shopping. Me and mam were planning on going to Newcastle on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I was pretty ill on both days so it didn't happen.

Finally have some plans for New Year I think, hope they actually happen and an impromptu snow shower doesn't ruin them like last year. Hope yours is great whatever you get up to! Okay, back to revision.


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