Saturday, 18 December 2010

Not Long Now

Last night we finally put up our Christmas tree and now I'm officially in the festive mood. Christmas is exactly a week away and I cannot wait. I have to say I do love Christmas but after last year's I was slightly underwhelmed and felt like it just went too quickly. I'm still looking forward to it though, I just hope it'll be a good one.

When I was younger, and believed in Santa, it was all about the presents, but now that I kinda know everything that I'm getting and know that Mam bought them all, it's more about 'family'. Sounds cheesy I know. But I love getting together with the rest of my humongous but weirdly wonderful family. Love how everyone gets a little tipsy (especially Grandad with his bottle(s) of Merlot) and we always end up playing some sort of game, last year it was BUZZ.

Of course presents are nice, and this year, like any other, I have a huge wish list. I'm not too imaginative with my presents, I usually ask for one bigger present and lots of little things. Here's a peek at what I'm wanting. Really need the tripod so I can improve on the blogging front with more outfit posts. Then there's the markers for my Textiles work. Also, the new Ipod Nano with be my first ever Ipod! Can you believe it? Me either. Love a decent shampoo and conditioner now and then and I'm desperate for that Urban Outfitters cardigan. The rest are self explanatory really.
Christmas Wishlist
Good nosh is another crucial ingredient to a good Christmas. This year we're off to my auntie's for dinner so there'll be seven of us I think. The only bad thing about Christmas food is the inevitable putting on a few pounds. ah well, that's what New Year's resolutions are for.

And even when the excitement of Christmas Day is over there's still boxing day full of sale shopping and Turkey sandwiches and surprisingly bad TV. And of course New Year's eve to get very very erm... merry. :) x

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  1. I can't even do a topknot! Although I don't think my hair's quite long enough... Love your christmas list!

    Rosie x


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