Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Steady on

The Dinner Dance was a rather enjoyable night I have to say. Lots of alcohol was consumed. And lots of dancing was done. Whether on the dance floor or not. The music was pretty shit if I'm honest but what the hell. And thank goodness I took my own JD (yes, classy, I know!) because the place was so pricey. £2.20 for half a coke! Jog on.

Anyhow, here's some photos from the night. For some unexplainable reason as soon as alcohol passes my lips I have this uncontrollable need to pout in every photo, as you will see. I'm not usually a pouty poser, honestly! Totally forget to take an outfit photo before I left and there aren't really any decent ones but my dress was from Warehouse.

Hopefully putting the tree up tonight so might put some photos up tomorrow. Gosh Christmas is getting close isn't it. Haven't bought any presents yet. Argh! But there's only 1 week left till we break up from Sixth Form. Which means no more stress for a good few weeks. :) x


Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting. I promise to repay the favour. :)