Thursday, 30 December 2010


Tada! Found the lead. After my last post I had another good hunt for it and there it was amongst my nail polishes. Of course! Where else would it be?! So anyway, without further ado, my Christmas post, about 4 days late.

Christmas Day was pretty good as far as Christmas days go. Surprised myself by not waking up till 9, I'm normally up first thing, and after waking Dad and the brother up, we opened presents. I loved everything I got, most of it I knew I was getting but Mam did surprise me with a few little things.

My cardigan came on Christmas Eve but I patiently waited till the morning before opening it and even though I don't think I ordered the size I tried on, it fits nicely, not too baggy but not tight. And it's so comfy and warm. Clothes wise I got some topshop basic long sleeved tops, floral pyjamas and a vintage jumper and mittens from the brother (in the end I bought him nothing btw, he wouldn't tell me what he wanted.) Also got the new Ipod Nano, Benitint, some nice shampoo, a curling wand, some books and some marker pens. From my family I'd just asked for money so I ended up with a good amount. Enough to justify indulging in some sale shopping I think. Here's what I ended up wearing.

For our dinner we went to my auntie's. Stayed there till about 4ish then went to visit my grandma who's in hospital. Gosh, that isn't half a depressing place to be on Christmas Day. Grandma was feeling good though so it wasn't too bad though, seriously made me think how lucky I was though. I mean there were loads of people who didn't have any visitors, alone on Christmas Day. :( But as I said she was okay, so it wasn't as bad as I though it would be.

From there we went straight to the my other Aunty's from the other side of my family (the wilder side) and the house was full and pretty crazy. Stayed there for a few hours before finally going home and watching some Christmas TV. The Royle family - so funny!

So overall, Christmas Day was spent in 4 different locations, with many different people, eating way too much food, wrapping and unwrapping many presents, knocking back a few different drink concoctions, and a good few hours of trying to get the Ipod working (I finally succeeded.)


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  1. Love your cardi, there was a HUGE one in next but it was £75! madness..
    Did you know Taylor Momsen is Cindy Lou in The Grinch?! she used to be so innocent x


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