Sunday, 28 November 2010


Emma Watson
Well, it only seemed right with the release of the new HP and all. With her being in the public eye for over 10 years from the age of 9, we've seen a lot and i mean a lot of bad outfits (I mean she was only 9) BUT in the past few years she turned into a bit of a style icon! And rightly so I think. She's a muse and model for Burberry and is a regular front row-er at many top shows at Fashion Week. More recently she's swapped her long curly locks for a cute cropped haircut, brave but it does work for her. Here's some of her best looks, (most of which are formal as I think she suits it better than casual style),and one of how she started out, just so you can have a little laugh compare. x

images from and google images


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