Sunday, 28 November 2010

Nobody's gunna save my life

Managed to get into work today surprisingly and found that my jewellery allowance is due. That means £35 worth of jewellery for free! I'm not really a bracelet girl, I just wear my trusty Casio watch, so I mainly went for rings (which I am obsessed with) and a few necklaces. Also picked up a few earrings for my mam as I'd picked everything I wanted and I had about a tenner left over. Should be able to show you it all next week hopefully as the boss needs to sign it all off first.

In other news, still snowing! It's a shame we're already off tomorrow or we might just have been given a snow day. Fingers crossed for Tuesday.

Just doing more Textiles and listening to my new favourite song. Good video too, strange but good.

Sunday Style Snoop should be up later on today. x

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  1. kool, jewlery, for like free! check out my blog to see if your eligible for an award.


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