Saturday, 6 November 2010


Yesterday was a pretty good day as far as Fridays go. Only had 3 lessons at sixth form. One of which was pastoral where we wrapped and filled shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child (I love doing it!). Then went home at 12.30, so not a very taxing day. When I got in I started preparing for the party. Painted my nails with the colour that I got as a free gift with glamour magazine this month (Did anyone else get theirs?) Only bought it because of the free gift, I mean a full sized Nails Inc polish and magazine for £2 isn't bad. My mam actually picked it up for me and I have to say I was impressed with her colour choice. Its called Jermyn street and is classed as greige but it looks more purpley than in the photo.

Anyway went to the party about 7.30 and I have to say, although it took a little while to warm up (they always do), it was a really good night. Possibly too good as work this morning wasn't so enjoyable if you get my drift. Probably as I was on the vodka rather than the usual Kopparberg. Ah well. I didn't get a photo taken but I wore the dress I posted the other day with my black suede heels.

Went into Durham this afternoon but only bought an anniversary card for the ma and pa. 29 years tomorrow. I don't know how they've coped. So we're off out for Sunday Lunch tomorrow :) Also cooked tea tonight. I was rather adventurous I reckon and served up spaghetti with squid and prawns in a fennel sauce. Get me. Although I do feel slightly sick now. :S x

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