Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Thank God...

... it's Friday tomorrow! The week has dragged. A week full of freezing cold mornings, standing in torrential rain at the bus stop, pointless lessons at Sixth Form, waiting for Misfits to start(tonight! oh yeah), waiting for ELLE to arrive (came today) and mostly, waiting for the weekend!

Getting my hair cut tomorrow by this hairdresser I had years ago. Always liked how she did it but she moved salons to some place far away and only recently moved back. Think I'm going to go for the full fringe like I had a few years ago but I might wimp out. Just worried incase it looks shit, as that has happened before too. Think its best to take a photo in to show her what I want. Been looking at Erin Lucas off The City and hers is pretty nice. Let's just wait and see if it ends up looking anything like hers. HA!

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