Thursday, 25 November 2010


Okay, granted, it wasn't a proper snow day as school wasn't closed. However, our school bus didn't turn up and even though I could have walked up to the town in 15 mins and got a service bus, after standing for almost an hour in the blizzard I simply couldn't. So I went home, put on a baggy hoody, wacked up the heating, drank hot chocolate and prayed for the snow to stop so I could still go out tonight.

As for tonight, it's still undecided. The problem is getting the 'Birthday Girl's' house. She lives in a little town, to get to which, you have to drive through lots of country lanes and back roads. Fingers crossed, the snow will stay off, it will slowly melt and the roads will be passable. :D

What the hell, might as well show you what the snow looks like from my house. x


  1. so jealous! how i want snow...

  2. We don't have any snow in Essex :(
    and thanks for commenting :) following now,

    Rosie x


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