Friday, 12 November 2010

Snip Snip

I did it. Got the fringe. Didn't bottle it. And I think I like it. Well I'm slowing warming to it. After months of not having anything that even slightly resembles a fringe, or even any lengths shorter than my chin, it feels strange. But I'll get used to it like last time. Will probably need the fringe trimming in about a week and my hair grows insanely fast.

It must look different though. Even Dad noticed it had changed. And he never does. In fact, he said I looked like Katy Perry?! Before you say, I know I don't. I bloody wish I did though! And he already wears glasses so I dunno whats happened there. HA!

Anyway here it is. Picture's pretty shit quality but was took in a rush. That's all for tonight. Ciaoo x

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