Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Like Magic

The other day, whilst browsing through the usual blogs, I came across a post on Sequin This based around this lovely product and I knew I had to have it. Barry M Instant Nail Effects is a black polish that creates a crazy cracked effect on your nails and leaves a unique pattern on each nail (every nails different!). I already love this as you can use it on its own over a base coat or on top of any colour of your choice. Also, it dries really fast which is a bonus and means you can do it like a minute before you have to leave the house.

I'd definitely recommend this product to friends and I've had loads of compliments, most along the lines of 'Woahhh! How did you do that?' It's only £3.95 and can be purchased from Superdrug. I reckon it'll be great on Halloween with green or some other weird colour under it and if you put a browny, camel type colour under it, it would make a great leopard print. x


  1. wow thats really cool. do u know if u can buy it in the US, and do they have a website or any other colors.


  2. erm im not sure. they do have a website though so maybe check on there. and no they only do it in black unfortunately. x


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