Thursday, 14 October 2010


Darwin Deez gig was last night. It was amazing. Best gig ever. It was the second time I'd seen him and he/they were even better. What made the night, despite their feel good songs was their dancing. Oh yes, dancing! Every song was followed by a very unique dance. Pretty funny, look it up on YouTube if you wanna see some. They found it pretty heard to understand us geordies chanting YOU WHAT YOU WHAT hence the title. But also declared their love for our wonderful Geordie region quite frequently. What can I say? We did produce Chezza Cole and Gazza. PAH! The venue was quite small so it was rather cramped but that's what makes the atmosphere better. Anyway if you ever get the chance to see them I'd definitely go for it. We only paid a tenner and it was completely worth it. Here's a photo of the gorgeous fittie! (that I nicked from a friend)x

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