Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've done absolutely nothing to celebrate Halloween if I'm honest. There's haven't been any parties on to go to so I haven't had the chance to do the dressing up thing. Ah well.

Had a day off work today so we went to the Metro with the hope of getting a semi decent dress for a friend's 18th on friday. Ended up getting this which I had seen in Newcastle but not bothered trying on. It didn't look too good in the changing rooms with white pasty legs and no heels but I had faith and when I got home whacked some tights and heels on and it looks alright. So it's a keeper! (Ignore the typical cringey blogger pose, the hand just popped up and was the only decent photo I'd taken HA!) x

P.S I keep forgetting today is Sunday, it feels like a Saturday to me. So I've forgotten to do a Sunday Style Snoop. Apologies. Back next week though.

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  1. oh cute. stripes are so adorable in any outfit.


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