Saturday, 23 October 2010

The sky is green

I was planning on doing this post last night, but after what must have been an exhausting week at Sixth Form, I fell asleep at 10! And didn't wake up till 10 this morning. So after 12 hours sleep and a little shift at work I'm feeling pretty awake ready to blog.

Last night, Mam suggested a trip to Matalan and as I hadn't been in a while and, according to Kavita at I heart Vintage, they had a good jewellery sale on, I thought why not. I wasn't disappointed and found these adorable little rings.

Both the Gold Swan ring and the Floral Butterfly ring were on sale from £4 down to £1.20. Bargain or what! I love them both, they're so cute!

Also bought a knaki-ish military jacket. I'm still a bit unsure about it but apparently it looks nice on and for only £20 it was a good buy. I'll be showing you that in an outfit post soon as I think I'm wearing it tonight. I'm off to a little house party with the maties. It's going to be a good night I reckon. That's if we find the lad's house. Apparently, its in the middle of nowhere!

Unfortunately, I'll miss X Factor. Shame. My money's on Wagner for the win. Anyway off now to paint the nails. Ciaooooo x

Listening to: The Bomb Song - Darwin Deez


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