Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lauren Conrad
Was wondering who to write my style snoop about this week for quite a while and whilst rifling through the usual Sunday supplement magazines I came across an interview with Lauren Conrad. I'd already thought about doing it on her because of the release of her new 'Style' book and thought why not as I genuinely do love her style.

Personally, I think her look really picked up in the last few seasons of the hills. I wasn't too keen on her LA girl look in the first few series' but she gradually turned into more or a vintage loving girl with a unique style that separated her from the rest of the cast. Throughout the years of watching The Hills (I am pretty obsessed), she has always been my favourite. She seems the most real, well, as real as a person can be whilst taking part in a scripted-fake-but-not-fake-at-the-same-time reality 'show'.

Her style is very casual and laid back. She tends to stick with her own variation on the classic jeans and t-shirt. I'm always envious of her handbags and she has THE best collection of Ray Bans with every colour and style imaginable. She sometimes likes to experiment with crazy prints which make her outfits unique. I also love her hair. She clearly must have her own hairstylist as she's always sporting a different style and it always looks effortlessly beautiful.

Here's the pictures for you to see for yourself. Many may despise even the idea of The Hills and probably think her style is manufactured. I on the other hand, love her! She comes across really well and I've never seen her in an outfit and thought 'Bleurgh', and that's good enough for me!x


  1. kool, she seems to like those dark pants of hers.

  2. yes :) its seems to natural and not fake

  3. i love laurens style, it's very simple yet she always looks classy and gorgeous xo


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