Monday, 11 October 2010

The Chaos

Okay so as previously mentioned the weekend was quite tiring and busy. The parents were away, again, don't worry I'm not a neglected child, so I had to make my own way to work. Shock Horror! Luckily though, as I don't set hours and can literally walk in any time I want, I decided not to start till 12, meaning not having to get up too early to go for the bus. When I finished at 2, met Megan, who'd also just finished work, and went to Durham for Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair. Got there quite late on so it was pretty full of students, nothing against them, but if you know Durham you know what I'm talking about. I'm just a normal scruffy girl, with a slight Geordie accent after all. And what can I say, in a room full of 'Daddy, I want a pony' rahs , I can feel quite out of place. After a bit of a rummage whilst trying to block out their rabble, I purchased a camel cardigan (Yey! I finally got my camel fix for A/W) for only a fiver. Also got a stripey top which you'll be able to see in future posts.

Went to Nandos for the first time in quite a long time then went home to meet some friends who stayed for the night. Worked again on Sunday so ended up getting no college work done at all even though I have heaps to do. Here's what I wore on Saturday night. Just watching Whitechapel now, so pleased there's another series, and painting my nails into a zebra pattern hopefully. Update on that tomorrow. x

Camel Cardigan - Vintage, Patterned shirt - Vintage, Jeans - Topshop

Currently listening to: The Chaos - The Futureheads


  1. really like that outift. almost old lady chic.

  2. pretty cardi - i love that you watch whitechapel on your own, just a casual serial killer veiwing in the dark! xoxo


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