Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A (very) lil' haul for y'all!

My recent shopping trip didn't produce that many goodies but I did grab a few nice things.

The Primark Jumper- Yes, lots of people have it, but I love it! In fact, it was through Lily at LLYMLRS that I caught the first glimpse of it. Then I kinda forgot about it until spotting it again on Hannah at J'aime les Fluers' blog which reignited my want for it. I was pretty surprised that it was still in stock, usually when something decent comes into Primark its out straight away. I really like it on, its so comfy AND best of all, looks like it's come straight from Topshop, not Primark.

Khaki sheer shirt - Been wanting one of these for quite a while and for just £7.99 I thought why not? Also comes in white, but as I wear white shirts for sixth form I didn't want any more.

Also got some Black Jeans. Yes, plain. And yes, boring, some might say. A necessity for me as I literally live in black jeans. Kinda sad and not very fashion forward but hey ho. I always end up wearing something slightly more jazzy and unusual on top anyway. So they make a nice base.

That's all for today. Off to watch Don't Tell The Bride (shite telly on a Tuesday) and make a start on this horrible horrible psychology essay which has to be finished by Thursday. Wish me luck! x

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