Sunday, 29 August 2010


I'm not too happy right now. Firstly, about to start the last full week of the holidays and they flew over way too quick. Secondly, summer didn't even occur, clouds and rain did, but hardly any sun. I was hoping for a British tan but nooo. Thirdly, I have loads of work left to do because I left it all till last minute. Again. And Finally, I've just been told I have to go to church TWICE next weekend to do a talk in front of everyone about Peru!! I hate speaking in front of loads of people. Particularly when I don't even know any of them. Today hasn't particularly been a good day. But hey ho. On the good side though, I have two shopping trips planned for this week, it's a bank holiday weekend, AND G-ma just gave me a tenner which means I can probably afford to buy at least one thing at the Metro!

Speaking of Peru, I thought I'd share a few more photos as I put hardly any on here.

Note: Excuse the green t-shirts in these photos. We pretty much had to wear them every day so we could be spotted easily. Not very fashionable or flattering but I secretly grew to like them ha.

Photo 1: Working with the children. Although I hate my gormless smile in this photo, it shows how they kinda swarmed round us as we were probably the only pale english people they had ever seen. They were fascinated with us and the little presents we brought them.

Photo 2: Our little group that I hung around with in Peru. The trip meant I got friendlier with alot of people I wouldn't usually have mixed with in Sixth Form, which I'm pleased about.

Photo 3: On the first day at the school we pretty much signed anything they stuck in front of us. For some reason, they wanted our autographs. It was so weird!

Photo 4: Emily, Fran and Me after climbing to the top of the mountain. Oh and the mucky tops - we'd been carrying rocks around. x

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  1. Not impressed there wasn't much sun either!


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