Sunday, 1 August 2010


August has arrived. Heatwave here we come, hopefully. Okay, so I haven't blogged for a while. The parents went away for a week to Cornwall (I could have gone but thought I'd get slightly bored) so I had a free house again but this time for a WHOLE WEEK! They left on Friday night, didnt really do much the first two days. On Sunday night, my brothers band, Eagulls, had a gig in Durham so me and Fran went to see it. They were soo good, bit heavier than I usually listen to but I really enjoyed it. Check them out here Wore my new denim shirt/dress thing from Urban Outfitters, turned it up and wore with black jeans and my brown brogues.
Had a great night overall, the other bands were pretty good too. Monday we had our first Tennis session of the year haha. We tend to play every summer so we started again. We're not bad but its just something to do for a very little amount of money, like 50p. Still hadn't seen the new Twilight film, was in Peru when it came out so me, Sarah and Emily decided to go see it, Orange Wednesdays and that. Friggen cinema had a powercut though! Took a detour to Nando's though and had a nice tea. Thursday, had a BBQ round my house. Was another good night, I was pretty good on the grill i must say. Food was eventually possible to eat after about 1 hour cooking. Some of em stopped over and spent pretty much the whole of Friday tidying up before the 'rents came home. Here's some pics of the night.

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