Sunday, 8 August 2010


Took a trip into Geordieland yesterday with mam. There were loads of sales on which confused me because I'm pretty sure they were on not so long ago. Not complaining like. Anyway got some nice cheap things. Bought two pairs of shoes, some black brogues from Topshop for £7 down from £32. Already have some brown ones but I thought for £7 why not? They'll be good for when it gets nippy and maybe for school. Also got some tan wooden clogs from Primark. They do look cheaper than other version, obviously that the problem with Primark stuff, but thats only on close inspection and again, for a tenner why not? Got a brownish/creamish cable knit and some skinny belts from Primark too. Also got a really cute bag from H&M. Will post some pictures soon. Off to watch some Sherlock now. Shame it's only on 3 weeks. Oh, and the guy who plays Mr Holmes is called Benedict Cumberbatch. Couldnt invent a cooler sounding name if I tried.

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