Monday, 23 August 2010

Up In The Clouds

Castle Calling was... interesting. We got to Richmond at about 12 and went to get our wristbands. Bands didn't start for another hour but it was really hot so we just sat around for a bit. After about half an hour though, the 'heavens opened' and we pretty much spent the rest of the day either under umbrellas or taking refuge from the pouring rain in one of Richmond's many tea rooms. My favourites of the bands that we did catch were Only Animals from Richmond and Sound of Guns from Liverpool.

When 8.30 eventually came, (yes the day did slightly drag) and the rain had eventually ceased, Darwin Deez were amazing. Even though I only knew a few songs, their set was really good. They also do dances between every song which are hilarious. Think Beyonce in Single Ladies (they even did their own version of it) but with cooler tunes. I think there's a few vids on YouTube. I'd definitely recommend going to see them. Certainly made it more of a show, rather than just a regular 'gig'. Futureheads were also good. I've only recently bought their newest album but I pretty much like all the tracks, which is unusual for me. They played most new tracks as well as a few of the older favourites such as Beginning of the Twist, Skip to the End and the anthemic Hounds of Love.
Overall, it was a cute little festival. I liked how even when the headliners were on, the crowd was still small, making it feel quite intimate. Ended up only being a few rows from the stage as you can tell from the photo. x

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