Monday, 9 August 2010

Nailed it!

Today was pretty boring. Mam and Dad have had their holidays and they were back to work today so I was home alone with nothing to do and most of the friends holidaying in some exotic country. Bummer. Thought I would paint my nails which had a tiny amount of unpicked polish in the middle of them as they hadn't been done since Peru. Tried out a new polish I got a while back but never used. I used Chester Square by Nails Inc and the Albert Bridge topcoat by Nails Inc. I got the colour in a collection set but thought it looked too dark so never used it but when I did, it was lighter and brighter than I thought.

Maybe it would be better in autumn/winter as it is slightly too dark for summer. To be honest though, it doesnt feel much like summer in the North East anyway, its so bloody cold! Overall, quite like the colour. I've always liked Nails Inc polishes; I reckon they go on really well and most of the time only one coat is necessary which is a great when short in time.

Spent the rest of the day watching various daytime TV from Project Runway to Football Icon 2 (yes, I actually love this programme) to the good old Come Dine With Me omnibus. Get in there! Now off to watch Big Brother. Wow, isn't my life exciting! x


  1. really love that colour! i'm on the lookout for something like it x

  2. me too! i keep repainting it on.


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