Thursday, 19 August 2010


Got my results. Psychology - A, Textiles - B, Maths - D, Core - D, History - E. Im obviously happy with the first two. Core and Maths I don't care about; core because it doesn't matter or mean anything and Maths because I HATEEE it and will probably be dropping it now. History I'm disappointed about but I was kinda expecting it as the exam was awful. Worst exam I ever sat. Nearly walked out of it. But I'll resit History and hopefully get a B. Thats what I want. Tbh though, they're only AS levels so don't matter as much and to get onto the foundation diploma I wanna do I only need ONE A level and can use the foundation diploma to get into uni.

On a brighter note, Tomorrow I'm off to Castle Calling in Richmond. Hopefully it'll be nice-ish weather and they'll be some good unknown bands on. Darwin Deez and The Futureheads too! Should be fun. x


  1. well done with the A! yipppe (:

  2. i knoww haha. i was chuffed! :)

  3. I got an E in history - same worst exam i have ever had which one was it for you? congrats on the others though xoxo nice blog too :)

  4. thankyou! we did two history and i did bad in them both even though I thought the british history one was loads harder. it was on past prime ministers. zzzzz. so boring!x


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