Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The October Issue

Got the latest ELLE delivered to my door today. Its the special 25th anniversary issue and its massive. Definately thicker than usual. AND it came with a style for less supplement magazine which I do love seen as though I can't afford practically anything that usually graces their glossy pages. Have only flicked through but it looks pretty damn good.

GUESS WHATTTTT? It's only bloody September tomorrow! Already. Summer has gone. Autumn is arriving. And as much as I hate to admit it, my A/W wardrobe is already planned. Im currently obsessed with silk blouses/shirts a la Chloe. Also, I'm lusting after an aviator jacket similar to those seen on the Burberry catwalk. Which A/W trends are you guys investing in? x

Photos from elleuk.com


  1. i got elle tooo! i usually read it in a day but i was like :O this is going to be a week thing hahaha - you get kate hudson as cover?

  2. haha. it certainly is. im still flicking through it. and yeah i did. x


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