Sunday, 15 August 2010

"There's something in the water!!!"

Just saw the trailer for Piranha 3D for about the millionth time and I think it borders on hilarious/terrifying. Tbh though I doubt it would be that scary for me. I think horrors are more scary when you think it could actually happen. E.g, zombies - couldn't happen, whereas psycho murderer - could happen. And when you live in England I would probably never swim in the freezing open sea anyway. However, despite that I am rubbish with horror films and find anything scary so I would still probably be scared shitless. This trailer, I just watched on YouTube, is way scarier than the one that they put on TV. Oh oh...

On a lighter note, a film I really really want to see is Vampires suck. Its a spoof of The Twilight Saga films and even though I class myself as a bit of a Twihard, I also don't have any trouble in taking the piss out of the sometimes cringe worthy moments that occur quite frequently in the films. I reckon the trailer's funny. But then again, it could be one of those films where all the funniest bit are in the trailer and the film itself it actually pretty rubbish. Think I'm gunna go see it anyway just to be sure. Take a look at the trailer and see what you think. x

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