Sunday, 12 September 2010

Haven't posted for a few days. Sixth form has already took over. I have lots of work already, mainly textiles, so haven't really done much this week, hence the last of posts. However, I did nab this lovely overnight tapestry bag from my grandma. I've wanted one for quite a while and even though its too big to use as a handbag during the day, its perfect for 'sleepovers' (I hate calling them that).

Only had two lessons today. Finished at 11. Got home at 12. YES! On the way home called into Topshop to try and order that jacket I keep talking over and over about. My size is out. Again. So I'm currently drowning my sorrows, watching 500 days of Summer, enjoying the great soundtrack whilst trying to get some work done.

Love this part of the film. Great song. x

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