Thursday, 23 September 2010

Express Delivery

So, yesterday after sixth form me and Alex went over to Lois' house. Ended up nattering away to each other and catching up on recent events for about an hour before we realised the time and thought we better get cracking. Walked down into the woods and started filming our little snippets for the trailer. My part involved me walking down a rather slippy muddy path whilst trying not to look at the floor (bad idea), as well as picking up a threatening note, staring confusingly at said note, and finally, my favourite, screaming at the sight of a monster, imaginary of course. Had a really good laugh and even though the end product might end up looking more like a spoof than a real horror, it'll certainly be a cringey watch! Can't wait. And....

To top the night off, when I returned to my humble abode, this beauty was waiting for me. Ideally, I would take it back for the bigger size as the sleeves are slightly too tight. BUT, just checked on the website and they're out of stock. So, I'm keeping this one because I love it too much to give it up. Edited the image on Also, the 'rents have just returned from their brief break in the lake district. No more free house. Shame. x

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