Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Don't really have much to say apart from Sixth Form has been okay. My timetable is bloody great! I have Friday and Monday afternoons off. YEY! The two worst days of the week and I only have half of them. Sixth Form is packed at the minute. Theres SOOO many lower sixths its unbelievable. No doubt some of the lazy ones with get fed up and drop out like they usually do. I'm also totally knackered now after only two days back. I think an early night is in order.

Made this polyvore thing the other day. Im still getting used to it mind. Not that its too hard, it just takes me FOREVER. Its my Autumn/Winter Wishlist. Hopefully the fur collared jacket will be mine within a few weeks as I'm going to order one on Monday. Also note my obsession with chunky wooly jumpers, floaty dresses and baggy silk shirts. x

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