Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Ready for take off

This will be my second giveaway related post this week. This one, however, I've already won! YEY! I never tend to be very lucky so I was amazed to realise that I'd even won one at all, never mind win one held by the legendary blogger that is The Clothes Horse! The prize was some sunglasses from the Nueu range at Sunglasses shop. I picked these lovely mirrored aviators. I've been wanting aviators for ages since I lost my old ones and now I have the perfect pair. I can't stop putting them on regardless of the fact that I'm indoors! I love how they look and they fit so well. Im a very happy blogger. So thanks to Rebecca from The Clothes Horse for hosting her great giveaway. Now I'm off to pray for sunshine so I can actually try them out!

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