Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Classroom Boredom

Sitting in sixth form at the moment absolutely bored shitless and thought I might as well do a post seen as though school haven't blocked blogger. Silly things! Been browsing through all the Spring/Summer 2011 collections for some textiles research and one that's stood out for me has to be Erdem. I've liked his past few collection bus this one is definitely my fave. Everything on there is my kinda thing. Love the floaty dresses and sheer fabrics used and the prints are so cute and summery.

Tonight I'm off round a friends to act in a horror movie trailer for her media work. It's about three girls camping in the woods and get killed by some monster of some sort. I die first. Shame. Luckily, not in the trailer, so no embarrassing dying faces to pull.

Currently listening to: Cee Lo Green - Forget You
(otherwise known as Fuck You to all those hardcore people out there.)
I love this song! It puts me in such a happy mood even when I feel like complete shit. Moyles had it on this morning and its been ringing round my head since. You'll most likely have heard it but incase you haven't give it a listen. x

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