Monday, 6 September 2010

Sixth Form Uniform

Most schools went back today. Lucky for me, I have two more days of freedom before I have to return. Went to the metro at the weekend. Didn't get much except from this jumper for school. It's not very exciting but tbh school uniform never is because they're so bloody strict. With my jumper, I'll be wearing this lovely white shirt, black jeans and brogues.

Also bought the top above. I liked the colour; Kinda pinky purpley. Anyway I wore it yesterday to do my stupid talk in front of everyone at church. You know, to thank them for helping me raise my money. It was AWFUL. I stood there, shaking hands, shaky voice, and, weirdly, sweating in the freezing cold church. Take it public speaking isn't for me. But hey ho, it's done now. Thank God. HA, excuse the pun. x

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