Monday, 27 September 2010

Ringing rave and Outfit post - Fair Isle

Here's what I wore yesterday to lounge about the house in after work. The jumper is from Primark and as its pretty baggy, its soo snuggly and warm. The T shirt is from H&M and the leggings are H&M too.

Only had 2 lessons again today so sixth form went over pretty quick. Not quick enough though. We had a talk on writing personal statements which involved the whole year cramming into the lecture theatre to listen to some annoying idiot of a woman ramble on for an hour. Stupid me, of course, had set a reminder on my phone to remember to take home some work that had to be done and accidentally didn't knock it onto silent. So, what did it do, rang and rang over and over during the talk. Which ringtone you may ask? Was it my usual of Jamie T, no, was it either the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Julian Casablancas like it could have been, no. It was one of those default ringtones. Not a ringing, but a rave style ringtone which I fricking despise. Just switch it off, I hear you say. I would have, had I known it was my phone. I, like the rest of the year, was looking around for minutes trying to see which loser had rave on their phone. That loser was me. I was mortified. I actually said "Is that coming from my bag?" And fumbled around for ages trying to switch off the stupid noise. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My friends of course, charming as they are, were pissing themselves. Tbh, I would have been too if it wasn't me. And I have to say, now I am out of sixth form, I'm finding it increasingly hard to not laugh whenever I get flashbacks of the cringe worthy situation. Worst thing was, even the used-to-be-chavs-now-think-they're-indie-cool kids were looking at me with pity.

So, that was my long story for the day. If your still reading, congrats. Okay that's all for today. I'm off to bury my head in shame somewhere for a few weeks. x

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  1. awww, thats so horrible. its belongs in a book somewhere. i adore ur sweater (jumper?).


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