Saturday, 18 September 2010

Come Around Sundown

Finally ordered the jacket I've been lusting after for a while and may have mentioned just a few times on here. It's only available on the website so after lots of consistent moaning gentle persuasion, mam finally caved. YEY! I am the one forking out the money for it anyway, well most of it. Hehe. Can't wait until it arrives. Lets hope its the right size, otherwise that would be a bummer.

Watched Sherlock Holmes this morning and I really liked it. And phwoarrrr, Jude Law is hot. But I kinda expected that. I did not however expect to have a slightly strange crush on the slightly strange Robert Downey Jr. Anywayyy, moving on...

Kings of Leon are back! Yeah mannnnnnnnn. I pretty much hated the last album and how all the half wannabe indie/half chav jumped on the KOL bandwagon thanks to three words. Sex. On. Fire. So I'd kinda cast them off. Butttt, by the sounds of their new single Radioactive, they're back to their best sounding much more like their earlier albums rather than that tosh that filled up the last one. Well thats in my opinion anyway.


  1. NO WAY Robert Downey Jr as sherlock IS HOT man!!!! stick him on the BBQ - sizzles - hahaha.... love kings of leon - and i know what you mean - its good to have em' back

  2. HAAAAA! so funny! and yess it certainly iss :) xxx

  3. thank you soo much for commenting. if u like follow! oh and i love that video, song, band, everything! i will now be following ur blog, its so cute and good.


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